We were born to change. We change, adapt, progress, learn and develop every day of our lives whether we want to or not. We manage it in our private lives, why not at work? What happens when we walk through the door into work?


So if we are investing in “change programs” what is really happening?

Organisations are compensating for a lack of leadership, expectations on employees ( use the term ’employee’ to define all those employed in the organisation)  are not clear?

Leaders are spending too much time doing and not enough time leading, building trust, involving and informing all those around them?

In the short term “things get done”, in the mid to long term more doing and less leading is being compensated with external consultants to do the job of the leaders?


In my twenty five years of accompanying people, teams and organisations this works, or has it just become another instinct, an automatic reaction that we have learnt to live with?


What about supporting leaders to become leaders, to really want and to enjoy working with people, helping them get the best out of themselves and others, defining themselves by seeing others excel and achieve excellence, progressing and learning each day.

Becoming “storytellers” and drawing that picture of the future where people are excited about being a part of, being human and not able to do everything, admitting it and asking the team and others for help. Leaders being team coaches developing trust between people and establishing a feedback culture where humans develop, have the emotional security of where they stand, learn, celebrate and repeat success after success.


It’s taking the sensible, purposeful and sustainable approach.

It’s a choice.


So where did change get lost in this story?

If we establish this kind of sustainable leadership then change is not an issue, it’s a new reality that will be mastered like all other new realities that have come and will come.


Its training leaders to be good people, good leaders produce good leaders.