“Supporting people, teams and organisations, get the best out of themselves, is my passion, my experience, my specialty.”

My three areas of focus

In our business, it’s really all about people.



I see coaching as a most effective intervention for personal development as the process and content are tailored to your exact situation, needs and personality.



I support companies develop the leadership culture they want to best achieve ther vision, strategy, aims, goals and live the values important to the organisation.



Myself and our very experienced trainers offer a wide variety of topics and programs focused around leadership.

Examples of quotes from customers

I have many sides to my personality, many voices in my head, from a manager, a hero, a doubter, a carer and a coward. But it was only John that showed me why they’re there, how to communicate and understand them and ultimately listen…

Over my time with John I have had the opportunity to get to know myself, to understand the things and emotions that drive my words and actions, then with this understanding better manage both professional and personal situations…

I have worked with John now for over 10 years, and in that time he has never ceased to create positive, lasting impact. Importantly, he does so without fanfare, without pressure, and with a calmness that brings out the best in those he coaches and trains…

About myself

In my spare time I enjoy as much time as possible with my family. For those moments where there is some time left over, I enjoy cycling, horse riding, time thinking and from my English heritage – debating topics with good friends and a great glass of wine.

News & Thoughts

My work philosophy impacts my daily life. In this section you may find work news as well as private news of my everyday life.