“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory;
tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Sun Tzu, Chinese Military Strategist, 6th Century BCE

My Consulting Philosophy

I support companies develop the leadership culture they want to best achieve their vision, strategy, aims, goals and live the values important to the organisation.
My philosophy is first to look at what has made an organisation successful, then be clear about where you want to be then look at the steps that will get you there.
My work is thorough and aims for sustainable change, to achieve this I work with partners and want partners who are looking to create and build for the future.

Some of my consulting principles

  • I clarify the background of what a company wants to achieve, gather the perspectives, thoughts and interests of the key stakeholders in order get a complete understanding, to get their buy in and thus ensure more commitment to the implementation.
  • I help set clear aims; making sure that the key players understand the word and the consequences for what they want. I make sure that everyone has a clear picture of where they want to be and when.
  • I give open clear and honest feedback about the way I perceive the situation, the people and what you want to achieve. I clarify and create awareness of the consequences of the journey clients want to take.
  • I make specific proposals that fit in with the particular culture and organization and that provide a clear business benefit.

The experience and not just the theory has shown that an essential success factor is the commitment of the Board and senior managers, here we take the time needed.


What is sustainable in this context?
A word that is developing great use but how do we define it in different contexts
Whilst listening to a radio interview in the UK with a professional climber, he was asked just after a disaster on the K2 where 11 people died, why could something like this happen?

Why was he successful?
He was clear, “it’s all about the goal you set! My goal on such an expedition is to return safely to my base camp!” How many talk about this? Most people get seduced by the image of being at the top of the mountain, this is just half the story.

Transferring this to the business world, I reflected upon what it means.
How often are we happy with the concept, the quality of the concept where our job is getting tour base camp, the concept being lived in the company!

Acknowledge the past for getting us to where we are, accepting that the world is changing and that we change too, to ensure our quality of life, to develop to ensure our own fulfillment.
Involve people in the journey, use their skills and knowledge, desire to change.
Reinforce the behaviors we want.

We often demand something new and forget to recognize and acknowledge progress, sustainability lies in our hands, our attitude.