I have over 20 years of experience coaching board members and senior executives. I work in many different countries and with different cultures.
I see coaching as a most effective intervention for personal development as the process and content are tailored to your exact situation, needs and personality.
It is completely confidential and can be fitted into your busy calendar. Coaching & sustainable development are like brother and sister when the coaching works with the personality and emotions of the client.
In my role as a coach, my clients describe me as “ empathetic, clear and challenging”.

My approach, the tools and methods I use have three clear aims

Self Leadership

We are working on solutions and while we are doing that, I will also develop your insight and skill to handle yourself in the way you would like, i.e. your competence to “self lead”.

Long term robust change...

…usually means a change in the way we feel – I am keen to focus on the inner world of your personality.

Better Performance...

…and with more ease – a better understanding of yourself, how you “tick”, what’s important to you and improved “self leadership” skills will have a positive effect on your performance.


…thath motivated leaders to take on my support as a coach:

  • Review your experiences as a leader, to discover the breadth and depth of your skills & resources, to review your leadership style
  • Clarify your aims and vision
  • Identify and work on personal development
  • Prepare you for difficult and challenging situations
  • Prepare for a successful start in a new job
  • Review your leadership role, assess your needs, the role your actions have in making situations easy or complicated
  • Preparing a strategy to develop your team
  • Help reinstate a good co operation
  • Review individual and team successes in order to understand why things are going well, to repeat success

Additional Information:



I structure the process as follows:

  1. Get to know each other – do we both have the feeling that we can work with each other. This can either be a “face to face” or a telephone conversation.
  2. First meeting – understand each other – I need to understand what you want, what your aims are, what you would like to achieve. It is also important for you to experience my style and my toolbox
  3. A coaching process “usually” lasts about six sessions. I have known them to last longer and also for the process to be completed after just two sessions.
  4. Continual review – it is important to check our progress on the aims you set and also to allow time for new topics. For those who have not used a coach before it is normal that it takes time to understand how the process works and how useful it can be.
  5. End of process review – how successful did you feel the process was for you, what successes did it bring, what would you have changed, done differently?


Depending on the situation and aims of the coaching I will use different methods:

  • Classic consulting/conversation technique
  • Reflective systemic consulting setting
  • Organisational constellation work
  • Role plays to understand different perspectives and try things out
  • Visioning to understand what it is you really want
  • Working with different parts of your personality (Inner Family System)