Over the last weeks and months we have all been through a steep learning curve, a lot has happened, I leave it at that not directing your perception one way or another. We have gathered lots of new experiences, just as we humans are then we tend to jump from one experience to the next and normally we don’t take the time, enough time to learn from these experiences, a simple principle really and a very effective one. Not only to learn from what didn’t go well and also to learn from successes, magical moments, to enjoy them and to be aware how we can repeat them. We really want more of what we enjoy, what does us good, what gives us a feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment, purpose.

I am offering two documents for you to do just that, one for you personally and also one that as a leader you can carry out with your direct reports and/or teams. The team idea is to capture the good from what people have experienced, many may have a new, a different perspective on life in the office and as a leader it is good for you to hear that, to share, to take the good ideas and empower your people to make  good sustainable progress based on what comes.

Another aspect that I am hearing is also a new definition of “quality of life” , how do I combine the different aspects of my life to bring the quality I want. I do not like the term “work life balance”, I prefer “quality of life”, my work is such a wonderful source of fulfillment as is my family, my hobbies, friends and sometimes the things that life throws at us. It is not a constant, it is a continual review, check and adjust, to do that it is helpful to have a picture, a feeling for what my intensions truly want to be. To share this enables a clear and transparent picture, a chance to support each other in our quest to achieve this. As a leader it shows that people truly are our most important asset and we want to take care of them.

This is simply an offer, please help yourself and if it helps you then please pass it on to others so they too have something to help them think and organize their actions.

I wish you some time to “Stop and Reflect” 😊

John Ireland