Ich hatte die Ehre und das Vergnügen, mit vielen Menschen zusammenzuarbeiten, jeder für sich einzigartig und besonders. Hier möchte ich Ihnen eine Auswahl ihres Feedbacks präsentieren. Die Stimmen sind von verschiedenen Organisationen, von Projektmanagern, HR-Verantwortlichen, C-Level, professionellen Sportlern und Abgeordneten, die an meinen Seminaren und Workshops teilgenommen haben.

Danke an Alle für Ihren Beitrag. Ich fühle mich geehrt und dankbar für Ihr Feedback.

Die einzelnen Stimmen sind absichtlich nicht geordnet, um Ihr Bild nicht zu beeinflussen. Außerdem sind sie anonym, auch weil Vertrauligkeit ein sehr wichtier Aspekt meiner Arbeit, besonders des Coachings, ist.

„I have worked with John now for over 10 years, and in that time he has never ceased to create positive, lasting impact. Importantly, he does so without fanfare, without pressure, and with a calmness that brings out the best in those he coaches and trains. For me, calm is the adjective that best describes John and his quiet energy keeps us coming back for more, time and again. John asks people not only to listen, but also encourages people to look inside themselves to understand their reactions to circumstances, and their impact on others. John loves curiosity, fosters harmony and nurtures reflection and response. I thoroughly recommend him and his work. He has made me a better leader.“

“John Ireland has opened my eyes to a world which is not being fully utilised in sport. As professional athletes we prepare our bodies every single day on and off the pitch, yet we hardly mention or train the top two inches… which for me is the difference between a good player and a world class player. John helped me recognise and understand the different voices in my head (my own internal family), why they are there and how to use the different sides of my personality to excel. I only wish I started training my mind sooner.“

In the world of professional sport being under high amounts of pressure is a daily occurrence. These pressures can have positive and negative effects on your mental state. John has given my various mindful techniques on how to deal with these negative pressures. This has made me able to be positive and effective when dealing with various situations, which has in turn made sure I am getting the most out of them. John not only allows you to feel extremely comfortable when working with you he also helps to make you understand how these techniques work so you can put them in place whenever they are needed.

„I have many sides to my personality, many voices in my head, from a manager, a hero, a doubter, a carer and a coward. But it was only John that showed me why they’re there, how to communicate and understand them and ultimately listen and use the voices/personalities at the right time/place. Working with John has not only helped me understand myself but also those around me better. It has made me more empathetic, braver and happier… don’t we all deserve this.“

“Over my time with John I have had the opportunity to get to know myself, to understand the things and emotions that drive my words and actions, then with this understanding better manage both professional and personal situations.”

„Mit feinem Gespür für Menschen und Situationen, seine gesundem Menschenverstand und seiner Lebenserfahrung, mit Kopf und Herz, seinem Blick für das Wesentliche und das große Ganze, seiner Klarheit und seinem Humor zeigt er Entwicklungsräume für Menschen und Organisationen auf. So hat er unsere Führungsmannschaft in Leadership- und Veränderungsprojekten inspiriert und befähigt, gemeinsam zu lernen und neue Wege zu gehen.“

„Ich habe John Ireland als sehr professionellen Coach erlebt, der sein Handwerk beherrscht und wenn es um die Erreichung des Gesamtzieles geht auch durchsetzungsstark sein kann. Gleichzeitig ist er jemand, dem man sich öffnen und anvertrauen kann, da der Mensch für ihn immer im Mittelpunkt steht“

About John

„John is always present. When he’s with you, there is nothing else going on. When John listens, he studies everything within the message a person sends in order to grasp the full picture without judgement – the body language, the hidden intonation, the presence or lack of confidence, the pace of communication. Furthermore, John’s responses are on a level of depth and intuition that there is almost always something to learn from him – whether in a classroom or over a coffee.“

The way John works

„John understands himself and knows how to be demanding of himself. He’s structured, yet happily throws his plans out the window to pursue whatever the overall goal is when working with individuals or a group. Having the ability to differentiate his methods in a group to reach individuals and then cut to the core of a discussion is what sets John apart.“

What the work with John has brought

„Having worked with John multiple times, I have learned to pause and reflect before moving the discussion forward – the way he does – allowing me to choose the most appropriate way to add value in all situations. I value John’s reflective style of communication and it is something I try to emulate.“